Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Into the Mystic- A review

I was wondering about sl one day looking for a place for my horses, when I came across a beautiful sim called into the mystic. When I landed, there was a group of people just sitting around, some of them employees, not one even bothered to greet me or see if I needed help with anything. I decided to overlook that and see what they had to offer. Most of the sim had empty booths available for rent, so I thought score I found a pretty place. I set out my horses and my food and went on about my day happy with what I had found and the price. 

The next day I received a rude message from a manager or an owner, I am really not sure which. He said that I needed to come immediately and retrieve my horses, or he would return them. That his sim was not for horses but only for Mystics( not sure what they are). I told him I would be there shortly to retrieve my horses and would not renew, to which he replied good if you don't have mystics you don't belong here anyways.  He never even bothered to offer to refund my money, so I paid for a week of that I was not even allowed to use.  I did not see any signs stating that this was a Sim for Mystics only nor was I told that until I was rudely kicked out. 

I have owned a business before so I am aware of how to handle customers. This is not the way to go about doing it. If you are looking for a breedable land rental please go elsewhere.

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