Monday, August 26, 2013

A kitchen that is family fun and rated PG

One of my loves in Second life is decorating. I have been searching for a kitchen that is actually interactive and rated pg. I have children in second life so a kitchen full of sex animations is not ideal. In my search I have found some that are nice but the animations are few and some that are awful and the animations and prims are high in quantity. My search is finally at an end and I could not be happier with my purchase. I currently live in a castle so I was looking for one that would fit that theme but not be too medieval. I did not feel like tping around and crashing so I decide to search the marketplace where I came across this beauty my new kitchen. The cost is not exactly cheap but not the most expensive I have seen either.

As you can see you can fill the fridge, you can fill the cupboards, and wash dishes just to name a few things. I do like that you can change the texture's and colors of the kitchen. I am very pleased with this kitchen and so is my family. I would highly recommend it. I should add that the kitchen comes in one big rezz box or individual rezz boxes which I think is amazing especially if you have a weird shaped layout that you are trying to fill.
Until next time take care.

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