Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cosmetic Fair

So today I decided to go and check out the cosmetic fair . Here is a link to their flicker page, they show all the designers and products that are for sale. I took a couple of pictures that are also up on my flicker page. I took pictures of the main entrance and of the displays I like the most. I think the most important part of selling something is how you display it, the better it looks the more it draws people in.
The above pictures is of the entrance, I love the pink writing on a black surface it really makes it pop and looks amazing.
I love how adored bodyshop set up their display. Its classic yet simple but very effective in drawing attention.
 This is one of my favorite displays that Song did. I love the glitter/stardust on the floor, and I love the cloud doors. Very well done.
 I love the candles on this display, they are very pretty.
I love the pink table in the display, pink makes the world go round lol.

I actually only purchased a couple of items this year and they were both nail appliers, I purchased one set of appliers from Wicked and one from Adored Bodyshop. I also purchased a pair of prisma Aqua Eyes from Song. I can not wait to try everything out. The cosmetics fair last from the 15th of Jul until the 30th be sure to check it. 

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