Monday, September 9, 2013

Collabor88 September

 Collabor88 has updated with some new items for September. I know I visited the sim on the opening day but the lag was horrible. It would be nice if they had a preloading hud like the arcade does. That being said, I loved quite a few of the new items they had out for sale.
 The first two picture were taken using my Glitterati Hallway. I love how it looks like you are in an classy abandoned building. The bottom two pictures were taken using the mudhoney designs glam girl photobles.

On to the fun part, what I am wearing
I think there is something incredibly sexy about a blazer with nothing underneath it. I am also in love with the color pink, so this blazer by (fd) was a no brainer. It is mesh and I love how well made it is.
My pants are from CHICA BOOM. I should note I did not buy these from the Collabor88 sim.
The shoes also in pink are so cool. I love the heel on them. When I put them on I felt like Cinderella. They are from HH Hucci Bagani, they are suede and in the color wild pink.
My necklace is from Tiny Acorns
My skin is LAQ Ebba in peach
My hair is from Exile
I also have on Noya glitter and glam makeup.
What do you think of the shoes?

Until the next post


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