Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Costume Time

Seeing as though tomorrow is officially Halloween I figured I better get a costume post up before it is too late. My costume is from Boudoir. The owner and the creator is Precious Restless. She is truly talented to say the least.  The name of my costume is Beautiful Death Couture 1.2 in case you want to go and pick it up. I loved that the costume came as a complete kit. The only thing that I changed was the hair.  Now for the pictures, forgive me a got a little picture taking happy
 I love all the skulls on the skirt!
 The headpiece and eyes really add to the look

 I am in love with these pictures

I think this is a great costume over all. It moves with my avie well and it has mesh parts.
I am wearing a pink fuel skin and my hair is from Armidi.

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