Thursday, October 24, 2013

*Design Open House : Editorial Clarity*

Today Honey and I both are posting on the same House. Editorial Clarity blows my mind I want to kidnap him and chain him to my RL house until my house looks just like the one I am about to show you. Gorgeous, Stunning, Exquisite are just some of the words to describe his interior design. If you haven't yet I suggest you go at once to his BLOG then run run run... no FLY and TP because we can do that in sl to the actual open house that showcases his design. Here is your limo GO NOW... you will fall in absolute love. Open House I stayed a good hour looking and loving all the small details and gorgeous items taking photos and dreaming and being inspired. Here are some pics that I took today... trust me these do this no justice and you must must must I say go and see for yourselves.

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