Wednesday, October 23, 2013

*Private Life*

Ok so I am behind on blogging this week, my apologies! Sometimes it's hard to have both of my lives and of course RL always comes first. This week has been super hectic and has kept me away from SL more than usual. Since I am behind and haven't really got to keep up with new releases this week (The only new release in these pics is the skin Vera by Glam Affair, Gorgeous new line go see for yourself), I chose to do an older (by two weeks) Bloggers Challenge from Strawberry Singh You may or may not have thought about what your avi might do when you are not logged in and controlling him/her... well I have... TONS more than I probably should. I have a super busy RL as well as an SL so when I log out I know exactly what Alcina does without me. I always have her working and she rarely gets any time to just hang with friends, pamper herself of sleep even. That's the biggest one.. I average about 3-4 hours of sleep a night and poor Alcina ... she's in the same boat. When I log I imagine her sitting in a tub soaking and relaxing after a long day of being pushed and pulled like a puppet. Then she decides "Hey, I am going to go have some fun tonight, hang out with friends have a few drinks" But does she ever make it NO... she passes out from exhaustion shortly after her bath. Poor Alcina, perhaps I should send her on a vacation before she cracks.

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